About Us

The Idea

Gender Equality has been a long established debate, which has struggled to strike a balance between the sexes; be it on a personal or on the professional front. Equality was always supposed to be Equal, however over the years, the pendulum seems to have swung to the other side and the definition of ‘feminism’ today has been reduced to mere male bashing.

Voice For Men India (VFMI) is an earnest effort to appreciate Men as one of the genders that are equally important to society. Your online mag will ensure its best to curate relevant articles, information, interviews as well as judicial verdicts that could be significant in the journey of His Story’. The platform also brings together the energies of several on-ground Men’s Rights Activists in India who have been struggling for gender equilibrium in the civilisation as a whole.

VFMI does not project any political or religious bias and strictly discourages any racist, sexist or abusive comments on the platform. Our endeavour is to convey a mindset of Co-existence and Right to Equality in its true sense.

About the Founder

Arnaz Hathiram has been an active member of the Men’s Rights Movement and has also represented the delegation that organised a seminar demanding a Commission for Men in India in September 2018. She holds a Master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication with a specialization in Social Media.

With nearly two-decade long professional industry experience, our founder is an effective advocate of the cause and drives messages to the masses using creative communication. Having worked with several online media portals, she has rich experience in curating and cultivating relevant content from the web, designing newsletters and running campaigns.

Arnaz, who is also the Managing Editor for VFMI, can be reached on her personal Facebook and Twitter accounts directly. For any legal or content related queries, please email us at contact@voiceformenindia.com 

The Team

While we have external content contributors for the portal, we consider every single individual who helps us spreading the cause, as our team. May our tribe always grow.